We are the Sánchez del Mazo family, a family united around a great passion, the breeding of the Spanish horse.

Our stud farm owes its existence to the enthusiasm of Florencio Sánchez del Mazo.

After more than 40 years of business activity in Madrid, he turned his eyes to his land to fulfil his great dream, to breed the best Spanish horses on the estates where he grew up.

This is a return to his roots, a romantic project that he shares with his family, friends and clients.

The philosophy of the stud farm is far away from the search for economic returns, the real objective is the satisfaction of seeing unique and exceptional animals being born and grown up on our farm. We strive to do our bit in the great common project of taking the Spanish horse to its maximum splendour, betting on quality and racial fidelity within the exclusivity and majesty offered by the diluted coats.

It is an exciting project that we are living as a family, which compensates all the effort invested and in which we are very pleased to join friends and clients participate.

Nowadays, the management of the stud farm is shared by Florencio and his son Pedro, who manages the strategic, commercial and communication areas. A third generation of small ones is also pushing hard to keep this exciting adventure alive.


Our aim is to breed a top quality P.R.E. horse in diluted coats.

The selection criteria we follow is based on 5 pillars:

  • The best morphology according to the race standard.
  • Nobility and good character.
  • Functionality
  • The height
  • The coat color

We have two breeding lines with around 30 broodmares:

  • Cream dilution. We breed magnificent double creams, cremellos, palominos and bucksin foals.
  • Pearl dilution. We bet for the isabela (double pearl) coat as a coat of great future within the PRE and for the perlino color.

Our foals are born in a controlled environment for their proper supervision and are raised in freedom with their mothers in our meadows. By breeding in herds we ensure that the physical and psychological development of our foals is optimal, so that we preserve the natural predisposition of our specimens for nobility, leaving them in perfect condition for the subsequent handling and start of the dressage.