Just an hour and a half from Madrid, our farm is located in the historic town of Piedrahíta, in Ávila, in the valley of the river Corneja, an area with a great livestock tradition thanks to the excellent quality of its pastures.

We have approximately 50 hectares of fertile land dedicated exclusively to the breeding of Pura Raza Española horses.  We use a traditional method of farm rotation to ensure that all our broodmares have green pasture throughout the year, which we supplement with home-grown fodder and feed adapted to the needs of each animal.

Our livestock has the great advantage of the unbeatable quality of the pastures that this area of the Corneja Valley offers. This allows us to carry out a totally natural breeding, based on the feeding almost entirely of grass and pasture from our fertile farms.

Our farms are located in a high mountain area, above 1100 metres of altitude. We have a continental climate, with severe winters and hot summers. Our animals are adapted from birth to these climatic extremes, which naturally gives them great resistance, strength and adaptability to any other climate.

Each of our lands have all the necessary facilities for the optimum physical and mental development of our foals.

We are supported by central facilities with new foaling paddocks, large weaning paddocks, stables for stallions and a dressage arena.

Our team is made up of great professionals with extensive experience in the breeding of the Spanish horse, in whose expert hands the care, feeding and selection of our horses rest.