Our objetive

Our goal is to raise a PRE horse of the highest quality in diluted layers.

The selection criteria we follow are based on 5 pillars:

The best morphology according to the racial pattern.

The nobility and good character.

The funcionality


The layer

We have two breeding lines with around 30 belly mares:

Cream dilution We breed magnificent specimens pearls, cremellos, palominos and berries.

Pearl Dilution We bet on the Isabela layer as a layer of great future within the PRE and the perlina layer Our foals are born in a controlled environment for proper supervision and are raised freely with their mothers in our pastures. With herd breeding, we achieve that the physical and psychological development of our foals is optimal, so that we preserve the natural predisposition of our specimens for the nobility, leaving them in perfect conditions for the subsequent handling and beginning of dressage

. Our livestock has a great advantage with the unbeatable quality of the pastures offered by this area of ​​the Corneja Valley. This allows us to carry out a totally natural breeding, based on the feeding almost entirely based on grass and pastures of our fertile farms. Our farms are located in high mountain area, above 1100 meters of altitude. We have a continental climate, with severe winters and hot summers.

Our animals are adapted from birth to these climatic extremes, which naturally gives them great resistance, strength and adaptability to any other climate.