Compile a list of all the tasks that need to be done, including details on complexity and deadlines. In such cases, the best way is to have a single team (or multiple teams) work on one product backlog. That way, each team will work on a single product backlog, which is way more efficient. That means Microsoft office products will have several product backlogs, one for each sub-product. Usually, the team uses some sort of tags or other tool features to determine which high-level functionality a team will pick up.

  • There may be consequences for shareholders when a limited public company has a backlog.
  • That said, a theme-based visual roadmap is not just a list of backlog items slated for each upcoming release.
  • The value of a backlog also lies in its ability to outline the strategic plan of the overall product.
  • However, as sales numbers grow, companies pass the point of being able to fulfill every order as soon as it’s made.
  • To identify dependency chains, we break down large items into their components and reduce goals into tasks.

Story Maps and information radiators can provide a clear picture of your backlog for the team and stakeholders. Because they’re often used to capture every idea for product-related tasks, backlogs can quickly get unwieldy. One month, the company unveils a new T-shirt design that quickly catches on among college students.

Understanding a Backlog

For longer projects, teams may not keep the entire work breakdown structure in the project backlog. Instead, it may only focus on what needs to be done during a specific time period. The term backlog is highly common in agile methodologies, referring to the tasks that need to be completed for the product to work. However, the term backlog can also describe work that needs to be completed within any business context. It simply refers to a situation where the existing workload exceeds the capacity of the business or department. We can have multiple scrum teams that work on a single product backlog.

  • The prioritization of items where details are available will also cover in this meeting.
  • The existence of a backlog may have either positive or negative consequences.
  • Sales backlog ratios are often shown in units or dollars depending on the needs of the organization.
  • Your company’s backlog is the total number of the orders your customers have sent that have not yet been shipped out.
  • This order becomes part of your backlog between September 1 until October 31.

However, backlog grooming can also be delegated to team members so they’re more involved in their projects and understand what needs to be done at all times. In project management, a backlog is the list of tasks that have been prioritized for a given time period. In other words, a backlog is a record of what needs to be done and in which order it should be done. The product backlog is the single authoritative source for things that a team works on. That means that nothing gets done that isn’t on the product backlog.

Used properly, backlogs can also help outline an overall plan and vision

These backlogs are usually handled by a project owner in charge of a single team. Projects can be part of larger products managed by a product backlog. For example, an organization may deliver customer implementation projects as part of a larger product backlog. Or a game development company might manage each generation of a game as a project with a fixed delivery date (for example around Thanksgiving). Electronic boards are the better option for a team that has remote members or collects a great deal of supplementary information about product backlog items. Physical boards offer the advantage of making the product backlog continuously visible and concrete during discussions around the product backlog.

How a CRM app can make your business thrive in 2020

There are ways in which backlog can be tracked to gather data about the projected future of a company. Create a simple and clear strategy of how you will manage your backlog and involve the team in that process. The product owner holds the responsibility to maintain the backlog, but she is not the only one that contributes to the vision. Everyone on the team can and should contribute and continuously participate in the process of keeping the backlog fresh.

What is Backlog?

It may also include additional information related to each task such as an estimate for how much time it will take or who needs to complete it so there are no delays when executing your projects. Backlogs can be used in any type of project, whether they are short-term projects or long-term initiatives. This helps set expectations with stakeholders and other teams, especially when they bring additional work to you, and makes engineering time a fixed asset.

As you can see, everything from new functionality to defects to even analysis and POC is part of the product backlog. It ensures that there is nothing that the Scrum team would ever need straight line depreciation to work on, which is outside this list. An optimized supply chain is getting your customers what they want, when they want it, and spending as little money as possible getting that done.

How do You Manage a Backlog?

The product backlog contains every potential item under consideration for a product. The backlog runs the gamut from minor tweaks to major additions. Some of these backlog items end up on the docket for upcoming sprints. While others remain in the queue until more immediate priorities arise.

However, revenue backlog can really make all the difference when it comes to SaaS valuation.Having a firm handle on your backlog can make the key difference between a good and a bad valuation. When valuating your business, one of the first things buyers are going to be looking at is your ability to fulfill the value of the contracts you’re signing, compared to your stated aims. The easiest way to do this is to observe the difference between your revenue target and your backlog.Still, you could just use deferred revenue for this, right? It gives a far more total overview of your approach to new business, financial management, and even your philosophy on managing customer relationships across a lifetime.

When you have an anchor document to facilitate these cross-functional alignment discussions, it is yet another reason that every product team should develop and maintain a backlog. We’ve outlined backlog grooming even further in this video below. Product teams that use the agile development framework divide their work into sprints.

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